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Regeneration Works: Places of Faith


A partnership of the National Trust for Canada and Faith & the Common Good.

Places of faith have anchored and shaped our communities for generations, and remain social and physical landmarks, whether in urban or rural settings. Many congregations are at risk as they face declining attendance and insufficient funding to maintain and operate their buildings.

Recognizing that congregations and communities are struggling with these issues, the National Trust for Canada and Faith & the Common Good, two national not-for-profit organizations, have come together to provide expertise, training, advisory and custom coaching services under the banner Regeneration Works: Places of Faith.

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Space: The Final Frontier

Counting the Social Good Being Done in Faith Buildings

dancing with Parkinsons
Dancing with Parkinsons practicing at Trinity-St. Paul's Centre for Faith, Justice and the Arts

The question of affordable office/rehearsal/programming space for not for profits throughout Ontario has been well documented. In major cities the issue is one of affordability while in rural Ontario the lack of “Third Spaces” following the closure of many schools has left rural citizens travelling ever-increasing distances to attend public gatherings.

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Successful Regenerated Places of Faith

Many places of faith across Canada have created viable, successful community spaces.
The following are some examples. Click here to view more.

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