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Greening Canadian Mosques

Empowering Canadian mosques to take climate action

Greening Canadian Mosques
Greening Canadian Mosques


In partnership with EnviroMuslims, Faith & the Common Good is working with Canadian mosques to embed sustainability in their operations and provide them with the tools they need to identify, track, and deliver resource efficiency opportunities. The overall objectives of the Greening Canadian Mosques program are to:

  • Increase environmental and economic viability by providing Canadian mosques and their management teams with tools and resources to improve water and energy conservation, and waste management, while identifying potential facility cost savings.
  • Create opportunities to build relationships between mosques and local communities to enhance environmental literacy and embed a sense of responsibility and love for caring for the natural environment.
  • Bring greater public awareness to mosque-goers to adopt sustainable behaviors and increase environmental literacy among community members.

Mosques not only serve as a place of worship and a place to generate economy, education, and social cohesion of the community, they also serve as an influential medium for spiritually and behaviorally congruent environmental sustainability interventions. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by EnviroMuslims, 98.4% of Canadian Muslims agreed that mosques have an important role in inspiring the Muslim community to care for nature.

The Greening Canadian Mosques program is the first of its kind in Canada and is a call to action for Canadian Muslims to tread softly on the planet and rethink their impacts on the natural environment.

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