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Building audits help determine:

  • how you are using your building,
  • how to maximize its use,
  • how to be more sustainable and energy-efficient, and
  • how to overcome the obstacles that the architecture defines.

The Regeneration Audit will help faith communities who may be under considerable financial or community pressure to restructure, amalgamate, etc. This walk-through audit acts as an outside set of eyes and viewpoint to ensure the best consensus decisions can be made moving forward for all involved. Bringing a triple-bottom-line sustainability perspective (environmental, social, financial), this audit will help participants evaluate issues such as building, operations, energy, historical concerns, community activity within and beyond the walls, and how to engage the community to strengthen the sustainability goals moving forward. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager* is used in this walk-through audit as a means to compare buildings in question.  Discounts will apply if you would like this audit to encompass more than one faith community.

By working with our team of professionals during your faith community’s time of need, we will guide you with the best unbiased information possible, to help you make the best decision for the future of your community and beyond. The Regeneration Audit can be delivered by itself or as part of a comprehensive consultation with your faith community.

To learn more about building audits, click here.

Space-sharing can be a functional solution for many congregations, whether you are sharing space with another faith community, taking in full-time tenants, booking temporary space rentals, or moving towards a more dynamic space-sharing partnership agreement. Getting the details right and knowing your options are critical to your success.

Contact us to learn more.

Who are you and how does your faith community fit into the greater community? If you are not sure exactly, we have a variety of tools to help determine the answers you need.

Do you need a financial impact study? We can do that with our HALO team.

Do you want to run a workshop to see how the community needs could be met by your faith community? We can help with that.

We can also help through direct consulting and guidance, in-person and remotely, in making decisions on who to talk to, what to assess and measure, and how to manage outcomes and expectations of everyone involved.

Contact Us to learn more.

We have successfully run workshops in Sydney, NS and Ottawa, Peterborough, Toronto, and Hamilton, ON. Our team works with local interested groups, organizations, faith communities, heritage and cultural professionals, tourism, economic development, universities, social enterprises, non-profits, and other community partners to connect the right people with the right mission with the right building. We help show you the best practices and ideas across the country and in your back yard. We give you tools and skills to take back to your community and apply immediately. These full-day workshops have been incredibly successful in each region where they have been held. Ask us about running a workshop in your community.

We have delivered webinars on the topic of faith communities, heritage, and regeneration. We can run one specific to your community or provide general overviews of topics of interest.

Click on the links below to see the workshops and webinars that we have delivered to date:

Please contact us to learn how we can help you.

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