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Community Spaces Faith Places Survey Results

Community Spaces in Faith Places

The following map and graph showcase the survey results from summer 2019 of the Community Spaces in Faith Places Survey. There are 27,000 faith buildings in Canada, 1/3 are set to close in the next ten years. Programs like 12 step groups, children’s programming, foodbanks, blood donor clinics, arts groups and community meetings all utilize places of faith to gather in and are at risk of being lost if faith buildings shut down.

Faith & the Common Good has formed a partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario NonProfit Network, Cardus, The National Trust For Canada and the City of Toronto to evaluate the impact of faith-building closures.

Information about Data Collection

Geographic Distribution of RespondentsData collected April through  July 2019, in French and English online and on paper via our regional research leads. The Survey was distributed via our partners as listed below and via research leads for “DEEP DIVE” regions of Huron, Peterborough, Toronto, and Sudbury.



                                                                     Geographic Distribution of Respondents to Survey

Overall there were 1269 respondents with 629 were statistically valid (desired respondents, data was applicable, sufficient responses to verify valid identifying group)

From the survey, we've learned a lot about the types of communities and draws of faith buildings for Non-for-profits and community groups. Check it out below:

What type of Non-for-Profits and Community Groups work out of Faith Buildings?


Why would Non-for-Profits and Community Groups use Faith Buildings?


Why NFP’s and Community Groups Work out of Faith Buildings

Buildings were built in convenient, centralized locations within neighbourhoods in order to encourage consistent attendance. 

Good price is the promise and the problem

The responses around shared services and matches mission and partnership will be fleshed out more in the case studies in the second year of the study, which will focus more on specific sites to illuminate the data


Could you find another space if the building closed? 

Assessment of Impact of Faith Building Closures

With 9,000 faith buildings estimated to close in the next ten years, we must assess the potential impact.

52% of user groups respondents say that they would have no other space to use and another 18% say that another faith-building is their second option. 







What's next?

We are working to prove the importance of these third spaces and the potential impact if they are lost. Case studies, video examples and cross country sharings of full data will go on through 2020. 

Looking for ways to help? We are building tools for faith-building owners and their users to better adapt to the future!

Scroll down for upcoming events, blog posts, and resources upcoming in 2020.


Thank you to our Partners

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