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Community Spaces Faith Places Survey Results

Community Spaces in Faith Places

What is the community space, faith place survey?

There are 27,000 faith buildings in Canada, 1/3 are set to close in the next ten years. Programs like 12 step groups, children’s programming, foodbanks, blood donor clinics, arts groups and community meetings all utilize places of faith to gather in and are at risk of being lost if faith buildings shut down.

Faith & the Common Good has formed a partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario NonProfit Network, Cardus, The National Trust For Canada and the City of Toronto to evaluate the impact of faith-building closures.

Geographic Distribution of Respondents

Data collected April through  July 2019, in French and English online and on paper via our regional research leads. The Survey was distributed via our partners as listed below and via research leads for “DEEP DIVE” regions of Huron, Peterborough, Toronto, and Sudbury

                                   Geographic Distribution of Respondents to Survey

Overall there were 1269 respondents with 629 were statistically valid (desired respondents, data was applicable, sufficient responses to verify valid identifying group)

From the survey, we've learned a lot about the types of communities and draws of faith buildings for Non-for-profits and community groups.

Case Studies:

Huron County: How Huron Shores United Church Opened its doors to Grand Bend

Grand Bend is a small resort community on the shores of Lake Huron, about an hour northwest of London. Its beautiful beaches have attracted tourists and cottagers for decades, and more recently retirees have discovered its charms. A red brick church building with a distinctive six-sided tower has been a part of the town’s main street for almost 100 years.

In the past three years, the church has reinvented itself as a much-needed community hub and concert hall, an integral and valued part of the community.

"As we reflect on our pathway, it's clear that change is always with us. It has become our friend and mentor"

Bob Illman, Chair of Trustees of Huron Shores United Church



Download to read the full Huron case study here.

Download the graphs from the study to learn more about how community organizations are dependent on faith buildings in Huron.



Thank you to our Partners

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  • Ian Jones
    I may have an answer to these closures while addressing 2 other imminent crises if the properties have excess lands ( and keep the historic Churches):
    1. Lack of affordable seniors housing; 2. Climate Change
    A win..win..win..

    The missing Silver Bullet is no longer missing..

    This Spring we are going to be introducing a new philanthropic game changing silver bullet form of Boomer housing in Canada and the US including Learning Labs and Culinary kitchens from $1300 /mo furnished… not $4000 to $6000/mo.
    These buildings will have ancillary space open for other cultural groups to enrich the residents lives.

    We’re currently forming the non-profit Foundation.
    We’ll build, fill, stabilize, and turn over to local Charities or non-profit organizations for their 100 % ownership so that all future cash flow and equity buildup is theirs for their mission and vision.
    A ‘Pay it forward’ Concept..

    Projects are designed to Passive House standards for major reduction in the carbon footprint of the buildings.

    We have 23Mil SF of projects in our 50 yr history including condos, 5 star hotels and Adult Lifestyle Communities. We know how to do this.

    All inquiries for possible participation to ian@bgigroup.ca
    Ian Jones MRICS, Pres.
    BGI GROUP Toronto www.bgigroup.ca

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