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Building Audits

Faith & the Common Good has delivered its signature Green Audit for the past 9 years. We are happy to announce that we have expanded our walk-through audit services to better serve faith communities and their needs. Our faith property audit program is a fee-for-service program designed to help faith groups walk more gently upon our planet while improving the mission per square foot of their respective faith properties. The links below will help you navigate this page:


Walk-Through Green Audit

Shengshen auditThe Green Audit is our signature comprehensive environmental and energy audit. We encourage you to invite property managers, trustees, kitchen volunteers, office staff, youth groups, tenants, and green teams to immerse themselves in a tour of your faith property where we will look at energy, air quality, food, water, transport, waste, operations, maintenance, landscaping, and anything we can think of within your faith community that can be greened. The resulting Green Audit report provides you with a personalized road map for how your congregation can walk more gently on the planet. For an additional fee, you are able to add Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)’s Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager* to the audit so that you can better track your faith building’s energy consumption. Click here for more information on our Green Audit.

Virtual Green Audit

Green AuditLike our Green Audit, the Virtual Green Audit arms clients with the information and tools necessary to help make their commercial operations as energy- and cost-efficient as possible.

Guided by our DIY Walkthrough Audit (available free to download at https://www.faithcommongood.org/guides), Stephen will connect with applicants via video conferencing and with the applicant walking around the building, he will highlight opportunities for energy savings, carbon reductions, water reductions, operational efficiencies, and better bottom line. 

The fee for this service is $100.00 per hour.

Contact Stephen directly for more information at 705-652-5159 (EST) or email scollette@faithcommongood.org. 

Walk-Through Emergency Preparedness Audit

walk through auditThis walk-through audit helps faith communities prepare for emergency events, either for yourselves to withstand better, or for serving vulnerable members of your community during disasters. A fluent understanding of your energy needs must be in place to move towards that goal (e.g. to estimate emergency power generation needs), and so Portfolio Manager* is ncluded as part of this walk-through audit. Storm water management, food, shelter, washrooms, showers, and other shelter aspects are also covered in this audit to help you look at opportunities on how you can carry out your mission work during these times of need. The Emergency Preparedness Audit also helps you assess what emergency role to consider, and the basic requirements you will need to be a local asset to your neighbourhood. By looking at the various types of emergencies, what level of engagement makes sense for your community, and pathways to reach those goals, this walk-through emergency preparedness audit will improve your resiliency and community outreach capabilities.

Walk-Through Regeneration Audit

auditDeveloped in collaboration with the National Trust of Canada, this audit will help faith communities who may be under considerable financial or community pressure to restructure, amalgamate, etc. This walk-through audit acts as an outside set of eyes and viewpoint to ensure the best consensus decisions can be made moving forward for all involved. Bringing a triple-bottom-line sustainability perspective (environmental, social, financial), this audit will help participants evaluate issues such as building, operations, energy, historical concerns, community activity within and beyond the walls, and how to engage the community to strengthen the sustainability goals moving forward. NRCan’s Portfolio Manager* is used in this walk-through audit as a means to compare buildings in question. Discounts will apply if you would like this audit to encompass more than one faith community. By working with our team of professionals during your faith community’s time of need, we will guide you with the best unbiased information possible to help you make the best decision for the future of your community and beyond. The Regeneration Audit can be delivered by itself or as part of a comprehensive consultation with your faith community. For further details as to what is right for you, please contact us.


Through Audits
What It Includes NRCan’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager* Report Costs
Green Audit Energy, air quality, food, water, waste, operations, maintenance, landscaping, community engagement No* Full colour PDF report highlighting the areas of concern and the opportunities at various price points to help prioritize your plans moving forward in all aspects of the building operation <10,000 sq. ft. – $1,250
>10,000 sq. ft. – $1,750

Virtual Green Audit

Energy, air quality, food, water, waste, operations, maintenance, landscaping, community engagement No* Full colour PDF report highlighting the areas of concern and the opportunities at various price points to help prioritize your plans moving forward in all aspects of the building operation $100
Emergency Preparedness Audit A deep understanding of your energy needs and requirements during emergencies, focusing on various scenarios of emergencies and how you could engage the community Yes Full colour PDF report highlighting the areas of concern and the opportunities at various price points to help prioritize your plans moving forward in all aspects of the building operation during emergencies <10,000 sq. ft. – $1,250
>10,000 sq. ft. – $1,750
Regeneration Audit A broad understanding of who your community is, its goals, its assets, liabilities, and how it interacts with the greater community to help you make appropriate choices specific to your needs and long term plans Yes Full colour PDF report highlighting the areas of concern and the opportunities at various price points to help prioritize your plans moving forward as a thriving, engaged community member Regeneration Audit only:
<10,000 sq. ft. – $1,250
>10,000 sq. ft. – $1,750
Contact us re: additional services


*Additional Pricing Details

  • A discount will apply to all audits when multiple faith communities are booked simultaneously
  • Additional travel costs may apply to audits where local auditing expertise is not available. Actual travel cost amounts will be determined on a case by case basis
  • Using NrCAN's Energy Star Portfolio Manager, Faith & the Common Good will create a faith community profile, add 1 year’s worth of energy data, and provide 1 hour of telephone support (upon request) for all walk-through audits that include this feature. For audits where this feature is not included, the faith community may request it for an additional $100 + HST


* Why we work with Natural Resources Canada and Energy Star Portfolio Manager

  • For the first time ever, there is a standard, free, online energy benchmarking system that provides more accurate and equitable Canadian building energy data and assessments for the commercial and institutional buildings sector.
  • ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager complements many existing energy benchmarking programs and routines.
  • Benchmarking can be a powerful trigger to encourage investments in energy retrofits.
  • The tool will produce trend data that can facilitate future program/policy development.


Additional Resources

Scroll down for case studies and our Do-It-Yourself Walkthrough Audit Guide.


Contact Information

If you would like more information on our portfolio of Walk-Through Audits or to book an appointment, please contact our Building Audit Manager, Stephen Collette, at 705-652-5159 or scollette@faithcommongood.org.

For more information on our Regeneration Audit, please contact our Building Audit Manager, Stephen Collette, at 705-652-5159 or regeneration@faithcommongood.org or visit www.placesoffaith.ca.

Action Workbook for Congregations: Faith & the Common Good partners with EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program

At Faith & the Common Good (FCG), our ongoing commitment is to provide tools and resources that enable faith communities to improve their carbon footprint and be more sustainable in their places of worship. To this end, we look for opportunities and partnerships that further this goal.

For example, along with our DIY Energy Audit Guide, we use the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® resources, such as the Portfolio Manager software to help faith communities better understand their energy consumption patterns and empower them in making educated decisions on how to become more energy efficient. We are excited about our latest partnership with ENERGY STAR®. 

Green Audit at St. Mark’s Anglican Church, Brantford

working at desks at St. Marks

St. Mark’s United Anglican Church. Photo Credit, Nancy Harvey.

Thanks to Neil Dunning, St. Mark’s Anglican, for this report on our Green Audit. The report has been edited for this blog.

St. Mark’s, Brantford, hosted an interfaith “Greening Sacred Spaces” workshop in partnership with Faith and the Common Good on October 1, 2016. This workshop was in response to a “green audit” performed by staff from the Greening Sacred Spaces program run by Faith & the Common Good. All faith groups with buildings in Brantford and area were invited, as well as Anglicans across the dioceses of Huron and Niagara. The goal was to share our green audit results and our response to the audit with participants, and for all of us to be able to learn from our panel of contractors who came for the morning.

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DIY Walkthrough Audit

guide_DIY_walkthrough.JPGNew in 2018! This easy-to-use 62-page guide is intended for decision-makers in faith communities who wish get to know how their buildings work and reduce the amount of energy they use in their buildings.

Energy audits of religious buildings show that 80 to 85 per cent of the energy used in places of worship is for heating and ventilation. Operators of religious buildings can take advantage of that finding to reduce their operating costs by making sure their heating and ventilating equipment is working as efficiently as possible, and by reducing heat loss from their facilities.

This guide discusses low or no-cost measures to give operators of religious buildings a range of options they can apply to reduce their energy bills while adding comfort and attractiveness to their facility. It includes a 14-page DIY energy audit.

 Download PDF (3.9 MB)

Case Study: St. James Carp

St. James community gardenSt. James the Apostle Church in Carp undertook Green Audits for all three sanctuaries in their parish, the youngest of which is 125 years old!

 Download PDF (394 kB)

Green Audits 2014

Green Audits 2014Nine Anglican parishes across Canada conducted a Greening Sacred Spaces (GSS) Green Audit in their churches in 2013, facilitated and paid in part by the Anglican Church of Canada (ACC). All nine audits were completed between October 22 and December 2 of 2013, with seven in Ontario, one in Quebec, and one in Nova Scotia.

This is a 2014 end of year report concerning their experiences, main audit findings, and the work that has been completed thus far in response to the audit for each of these nine parishes.

 Download PDF (1.9 MB)

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