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"Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you."

Our religions and spiritual philosophies teach us to care for the earth.

Join us in living out this Green Rule by greening our communities, helping our neighbours and healing our planet together.


  • Raise your Faithful Voices for Climate



    “When I look around, the biggest way in which we are failing to care for those in need is through ignoring climate change and acting like it doesn't exist.”  Katharine Hayhoe, Canadian, Christian evangelical, Climate Scientist

    Faith & the Common Good is mandated to support our network to work collectively to raise awareness and encourage action to ensure that all living beings, including future generations, have access to clean air and water, toxic-free living environments, and a life-supporting climate. With Federal elections in October, this Fall presents a unique time to work together to generate new political momentum in Canada on behalf of our shared Earth.  

    We cannot remain silent nor isolated when the web of life which sustains us is declining as never before in human history.  More than ever, we have a responsibility to help create a national path forward by collectively witnessing both the destruction that we are complicit in as well as the positive, local actions being taken by diverse communities across Canada to walk more gently on the planet. 

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    Care for our Common Home: Season of Creation 2019

    Season of Creation begins with a powerful message from Pope Francis.

    "May we feel challenged to assume, with prayer and commitment, our responsibility for the care of creation. May God, “the lover of life” (Wis 11:26), grant us the courage to do good without waiting for someone else to begin, or until it is too late."

    Pope Francis, Sept. 1, 2019

    Check out many recently listed Toronto events inviting your participation in this Season of Creation.

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    Amending the Soil: Church of the Messiah Community Garden

    Amending the Soil - Church of the Messiah Community Garden

    “Amending the soil” is not a phrase I thought I’d ever repeat countless times. But at Church of the Messiah, in Toronto, we have made significant efforts to improve our soil, carrying out wheelbarrows full of gravel, garbage, and weeds, and digging in shovels full of rich organic material.


    Improving the soil is one of the hardest jobs we undertake as urban gardeners. Access to our plots is restricted by stairs and busy streets, and high-quality organic soil has to be carried and dug in by hand. But the effort to improve our gardening soil is worth it because this is one of the most consequential chores we can do. Boosting the quality of the soil with organic material and better drainage helps everything we grow reach its strongest and most productive potential.

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