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"Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you."

Our religions and spiritual philosophies teach us to care for the earth.

Join us in living out this Green Rule by greening our communities, helping our neighbours and healing our planet together.


  • Action Workbook for Congregations: Faith & the Common Good partners with EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program

    At Faith & the Common Good (FCG), our ongoing commitment is to provide tools and resources that enable faith communities to improve their carbon footprint and be more sustainable in their places of worship. To this end, we look for opportunities and partnerships that further this goal.

    For example, along with our DIY Energy Audit Guide, we use the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR® resources, such as the Portfolio Manager software to help faith communities better understand their energy consumption patterns and empower them in making educated decisions on how to become more energy efficient. We are excited about our latest partnership with ENERGY STAR®. 

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    Growing in Community – ESG 2020 Community Garden

    As the strange summer of 2020 winds to a close, our Grow Team is looking back fondly on the work that we’ve accomplished, the seeds that we’ve sown, and the community that we’ve built together in the gardens at Eglinton-St. George’s United Church. Over the past weeks and months, our team has been hard at work in the soil at ESG, working to foster the growth of not only fruits, vegetables, and flowers, but also of our own connections to our church, our faith, and our God. 

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    An Indigenous organization advocates for restoration and cultural healing

    "Indigenizing justice" by Beatrice Ekoko, Mandate Summer 2020, The United Church of Canada, p. 17. Reprinted with permission.

    National Indigenous Church

    An Indigenous organization advocates for restoration and cultural healing

    IN MONTREAL, as in other Canadian cities, the coronavirus situation has increased police presence and practices like ticketing. Often those most affected are those who are homeless and lack access to shelters. Fines of over $500 are being handed out, frequently to people with no resources and no employment, for not practicing proper social distancing.

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