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"Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you."

Our religions and spiritual philosophies teach us to care for the earth.

Join us in living out this Green Rule by greening our communities, helping our neighbours and healing our planet together.


  • On the path to social and environmental justice

    Lorene DiCorpo recalls growing up in Sudbury many decades ago, and how, daily, she could smell and taste the sulphur dioxide in the air emitted by the neighboring mining company, Inco Nickel. On cloudy days the sky would be tinged with yellow.  It was well known that miners developed emphysema and asthma and that the land had been reduced to non-fertile clay.  “As a child, I thought this was just the way things were,” she says.

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    Celebrating a Solar Sanctuary

    St Paul United Edmonton
    Toward a Solar Sanctuary: St. Paul’s United Church, Edmonton
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    2018 could easily be described as the year climate came home to roost. BC wildfires so extensive that cities across the country were blanketed in smog. Heat-related deaths in both Montreal and Ottawa. And a landmark scientific report imploring urgent action within 12 years to avoid catastrophic climate change.

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    Global Warming of 1.5°C—People of faith share an urgent call to protect life

    climate pilgrimsThe United Nations COP 24 climate change negotiations in Poland (Dec. 2-15) ended in overtime on Saturday.  While some progress was made, the Paris Agreement rulebook adopted by countries does not respond with the urgency outlined in the Global Warming of 1.5°C Report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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