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Read our 2020 Annual Report (Celebrating 20 years of FCG). Mark your calendars for the AGM this fall

Dear Friends...

This is a short email-blast with two important updates. I am excited to share our 2020 Annual Report with you! The 2020 report is special: we celebrated a milestone, that is, twenty years of FCG. As well, we invite you to mark your calendars for our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Wishing you a peaceful rest of the summer.

Michelle Singh, Executive Director


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Time to “be compassionate, creative and courageous”


“When we look around ourselves, what do we see? We see crisis leading to crisis…

we are warned that we have little time left – scientists say the next ten years, the span of this UN Decade – to restore the ecosystem, which will mean the integral restoration of our relation with nature…  As we welcome this United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, let us be compassionate, creative and courageous.”

Pope Francis’ Message for the Launching of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

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Fix What We Already Have: Renovate today’s buildings for a carbon-neutral tomorrow

When we think about the year 2050 and our climate goals of being carbon neutral in all of our activities, including operating our buildings, we often have this utopian vision of space age buildings. That vision is not what 2050 will look like; not even close. 

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The Best of Faith & the Common Good

by Lucy M. Cummings, ED 2013-2019


I have always been deeply humbled by the incredible people of faith and spirit across our network, most of whom are volunteers, who give so much of themselves to build green, resilient communities.  

It’s impossible to choose, but a few of the greatest hits for me include the following projects:

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How we Began: Our Founders, Dr. Ted Reeve & Dr. Bill Phipps Remember

Written by Dr. Ted Reeve, Executive Director 2000-2013.

Bill (left), Ted (right), circa 2000.

This idea of engaging interfaith groups in ethical or common good issues emerged from our cross-country travels in the late 1990s when Bill Phipps was Moderator of The United Church of Canada (UCC). Bill gave special attention to a national consultation on Faith and Economy and so we travelled from coast to coast (unfortunately, not to the third coast) holding town hall meetings on regional economic challenges and how faith communities were responding.

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A Prayer Offering from Faith & the Common Good at the Conclusion of National Indigenous History Month

Creator, we know you hear all prayers, no matter the language or the belief of those who pray.

Give us the courage to create and protect the right relationships we know you want all peoples to enjoy. 

Help us recognize and work on the sources of discrimination that separate Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and that threaten your creation.

We confess that we often ignore and even protect systems that privilege some and hurt others.

Open our hearts with love and compassion to walk together on the path of true justice and reconciliation.

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How can rural and isolated faith communities take climate action?

As Canadians, when it comes to actions we can take to protect the climate, we automatically think about energy conservation. We head over to the local hardware store for some caulking, insulation, a new Energy Star window etc., to fix up our buildings that will in turn, help lower
maintenance costs, save energy, and save the planet.

But that only works if you live in a city or close to a large hardware store. Have you thought about how difficult it is to get an energy audit for a fishing port village church on a remote coast of Newfoundland, with the nearest energy auditor over three hours away? Have you though  about trying to fly in new windows and doors to a remote northern Manitoba reserve’s church without any being damaged?

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We turn ourselves inside out for the benefit of the community

A guest post by Doug Daley, Greening Initiatives Lead & Don Atkinson, Past Chair (St. Paul’s United Church, Orillia).

When Rev. Ted Reeve joined St. Paul’s United Church in 2014 as our new minister, the congregation was looking for opportunities to increase the use of the 150-year-old building. 

With input from Rev. Bill Phipps, a very close collaborator of Rev. Reeve’s on numerous initiatives, a vision to “turn ourselves inside out for the benefit of the community” as the friends described it, was adopted.

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