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Global Warming of 1.5°C—People of faith share an urgent call to protect life

climate pilgrimsThe United Nations COP 24 climate change negotiations in Poland (Dec. 2-15) ended in overtime on Saturday.  While some progress was made, the Paris Agreement rulebook adopted by countries does not respond with the urgency outlined in the Global Warming of 1.5°C Report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

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Togetherness: As the weather gets wildly worse, ensure your survival by learning to love your neighbour

St James Town steering committee
St James Town local "Lighthouse Project" Steering Committee. Toronto, ON

Delighted to share some Toronto West End insights  about our extreme weather resilience hub project. Our Lighthouse Project is piloting how to create inclusive, community-driven extreme weather preparation hubs in Toronto, Hamilton & Brampton.

This excerpt is from Katrina Onstad's “Togetherness: As the weather gets wildly worse, ensure your survival by learning to love your neighbour” (Toronto West End Phoenix, November 2018, www.westendphoenix.com/november-2018-toronto-of-the-future)

Toronto is particularly susceptible to extreme weather disasters simply because it’s booming: the more concrete the city, the hotter the city. The urban heat-island effect is caused by tightly packed buildings and paved surfaces boxing in the heat. And when the rain comes, the lack of green spaces and growing number of impermeable surfaces mean there’s nowhere for water to go but into our ancient, overloaded pipes.

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New Eco Ministry forms at Holy Cross Parish

Earlier this fall a new Eco Ministry began at Holy Cross parish in Toronto. They have planned projects that focus on reducing waste and enriching the natural environment at the parish such as establishing new native pollinator and vegetable gardens.  On December 2nd they held a Breakfast Social Fundraiser with a soup and bake sale and silent auction. A table was set up where people could donate an unwanted item and pick up another item in exchange.

I dropped in at their busy event to hear more about their initiative and enjoyed some food and coffee—served on real dishes and not disposables. Great Advent gathering!

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Bringing the Season of Creation Alive in A Special Way in Central Saskatchewan

blessing of bread and salt

Blessing of Bread and Salt, Photo: Courtesy Chris Pidwerbeski

Submitted by Christopher Hrynkow, Chair, Communities Inspired for Environmental Action Central Saskatchewan

The Ecumenical Patriach Dimitrios I inaugurated the World Day of Prayer for the Environment on September 1, 1989. As part of Pope Francis’ ecumenical outreach and as an expression of his concern for justice, peace, and the integrity of creation undertaken in the spirit of St. Francis, in 2015 Pope Francis’ established the practice in the Catholic Church. As a result, Catholics are now called to participate in the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation annually on September 1st. Here, Francis is also taking up a recommendation made in the Charta Oecumenica in 2001. That document, jointly issued by the Conference of European Churches and the Council of European Bishops Conferences recommends the establishment of an ecumenical day prayer for “the preservation of creation”.

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Rising to the Challenges: Faith Building Regeneration

Christ Church Cathedral Fredericton
Photo courtesy of The Anglican Diocese of Fredericton

Check out the wonderful coverage in the Anglican Diocese of Fredericton news of our recent workshop and tour of the Christ Church Cathedral buildings -- anglican.nb.ca/news/workshop-delves-into-future-of-diocesan-cathedral-buildings

Boldly exploring the challenge of faith building regeneration and adaptive re-use in Fredericton, NB!

Next stop? Join us on Nov 3 in Winnipeg, MB to continue the conversation!

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Connecting Care: Building a Network

“The protocol is not very complicated; it's just a matter of making sure the doors are wide open for people to come into our air-conditioned environment, and making sure water is available at all times.” — Matthew Pearce, the CEO of Old Brewery Mission

The Lighthouse Project in Hamilton has been building a network of residents and community stakeholders in the interest of preparing neighbours for the impacts of increasing extreme weather events. This network is newly named as Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW) Hamilton.

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Get Involved!

Get involvedClick on this image to find out how you can become involved with Faith & the Common Good.











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Welcoming our Central Saskatchewan Chapter

Growing from an effort to broaden and deepen the work of Churches for Environmental Action, Central Saskatchewan's new interfaith group to promote inspired sustainable living, Communities Inspired for Environmental Action, invites you to join us!

To plan our launch event (for November 29th) and shape our vision, we will be meeting in the front welcome area at St. Francis Church on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018 from 7-9pm. St. Francis is located at 222 Willow Street in Saskatoon.

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