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Hamilton Monthly Meeting Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), Hamilton, Ontario Greening Case Study

Mission and Background: 

The Hamilton Monthly Meeting Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Their main message is:

The way is available to all. It may be particularly attractive to those strongly concerned with peace and social justice and to those with a meditative or mindfulness practice who seek a supportive community.

Quakers meet in silent worship to strengthen this connection and bear witness to its power in our lives. From the stillness that puts us in touch with the Divine comes our corporate testimony of simplicity, honesty, and non-violence. Work towards a just and equitable treatment of all human beings and close attention to the health and sustainability of our communities and the environment that supports them are examples of these testimonies.

Historically these testimonies have led many Quakers to the forefront of movements for social justice: prison reform, the abolition of slavery, pacifism, and indigenous rights, among others.

Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 10:30 am at Hamilton Quaker Meeting Religious Society of Friends located at 7 Butty Place, Hamilton, ON L8S 2R5

Download PDF (410 KB) to learn more about the Anglican Church of the Incarnation in Oakville and what you can learn from their journey. 

Check out the blog post "Hamilton Monthly Meeting Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)" or "DIY Energy Audit Guide Event in Hamilton, Ontario" to learn more about Greening Sacred Spaces in Hamilton, Ontario. 

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