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The Quest for Personal Eco-Spiritual Renewal

Have you been questioning how to build a meaningful personal relationship with the natural world?
Old growth cultures, like old growth forests, have not been exterminated. The land holds their memory, and the possibility of regeneration. They are not only a matter of ethnicity or history, but of relationships born out of reciprocity between land and people.”
~ Robin Wall Kimmerer
As human beings, we long to remain wholeheartedly in relationship with the land where we live and grow. How might we restore right relationships among humans and other earth-beings?
Living in Love with Earth: A Circle of Trust® retreat and rare opportunity to reflect on your own path of personal ecological renewal through participation within an intergenerational place-based community at Kirkridge Retreat Center on the Appalachian Trail.
This program is for adults, from younger (late teens) to older. If you think of yourself as a younger adult, please consider inviting an older friend to attend with you. If you think of yourself as older, consider inviting a younger friend to attend with you, thereby helping to strengthen an inter-generational experience on these days and in the days following. Leaders committed to restoring Earth community will bring the transformative practices of a Circle of Trust® to frame our personal challenges and opportunities, exploring both our inner and outer landscapes.
We will remember who we are, how we have come to be where we are in our work, and explore practices of expanding loving relationships within the larger Earth community. Read more here.

Living in Love with Earth, a Circle of Trust retreat at Kirkridge CentreNovember 7-10, 2019 


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