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ED Newsletter-August 2023

Dear friend…

THANK YOU for the difference you made with FCG in 2022. I am delighted to share our 2022 Impact Report with you. Highlights include:

We are especially grateful to all the staff, volunteers, collaborators and funders who made our programming and impact possible.

Recently, I attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago and was delighted to hear from several attendees from around the world about their use of our excellent resources. We will have an announcement in September about a favourite resource that has been updated.

Sadly though, we lost one of our founders in 2022, The Very Rev. William Phipps, who we all greatly admired. At the 2021 Earth Jam in Calgary, Bill said “We need to learn to live within the limits and health of Mother Earth. This will require greatly reduced consumption, and equally importantly, the consumption which does occur, needs to be enjoyed equally. All the new technologies addressing the climate crisis should not be so we can continue living as we have been.”

Bill’s words and his life’s work continue to inspire our network. We are still the only interfaith and intercultural network in Canada and, with your support, we will continue to bring people together to help heal our communities and our precious home.

In peace…


Michelle Singh, Executive Director

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