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Faith Commuter Challenge

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The 2017 Faith Commuter Challenge is:

  • A week-long event that coincides with the National Environment & Commuter Challenge weeks (June 2-11, 2017)
  • A friendly competition between Canadian places of faith
  • A celebration of active and sustainable transportation
  • An fun and easy way to try different modes of how to get to worship
  • Nationally hosted by Faith & the Common Good, through local partners

How it works:

  • Register your faith community and yourself to participate in the challenge week. Encourage others to join. Click here for detailed registration instructions.
  • Between June 2-11, choose a day to leave your car behind when you travel to worship. Rideshare, take public transit, carpool, bike, or walk. Do whatever moves you!
  • On that day, log in to track your trip to worship via the Commuter Challenge website. See your GHG emission reduction, calorie consumption, distance, and fuel cost savings.
  • Check out which faith communities and cities have the highest percentage of healthy travelers.
  • Join with faith communities across the country to acknowledge and celebrate with certificates, prizes, and fun events!

Suggestions for Getting Started:

  • Talk to your faith community about joining the challenge (June 2-11, 2017) to demonstrate your care for creation.
  • Choose a Champion or Team who will plan and coordinate your event(s). These events may include:
    • Carpooling, launching a ride-share program in your faith community, or riding the bus together
    • Hosting a bicycle tune-up station, distributing bike maps
    • A special blessing ceremony, prayers, or acknowledgement of all the ways people are working to reduce their carbon footprint
    • A neighbourhood bike ride before or after a worship service
    • Bicycle decorating for the young and young-at-heart
  • Go to faith.commuterchallenge.ca to register your faith community to take part.
  • Once your faith community is registered, register yourself so that you can track your participation and assist others.
  • Promote the event in your community — newsletter, website, service bulletins.

We Can Help!

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  • We are delighted to have “on the ground” partners across the country who are there to help you take part in the challenge. See the list at the bottom of this page or contact our Network Coordinator for help.
  • We can also help you to spread the word with:
  • We would love to hear how your faith community is greening it’s commute!
    • Introduce us to 2 or 3 members of your community who will take part and would be willing to be interviewed, and have their story featured online.
    • E-mail us photos of your event or activities, to be shared online and used for future years.


Register online at faith.commuterchallenge.ca. If you have any questions, email us at network@faithcommongood.org.

If you also want to track your workplace trips during the week of June 4-10, visit commuterchallenge.ca.

Benefits of active and sustainable transportation:

  • Reduce the threat of climate change — Did you know that it takes 130 trees to produce the amount of oxygen needed to combat the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from one car each year?
  • Connect with others — Active transport and ride sharing fosters new friendships, helps others, and increases networking.
  • Reduce traffic congestion — Reducing the number of individual car trips means we will have less traffic congestion and less demand for roads. This will improve travel times and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Enjoy better health — Introduce calorie-burning exercise time by biking or walking to a public transportation or carpool stop.
  • Reduce air pollution — Pollutants from many transportation sources aggravate respiratory disease and contribute to property damage and acid rain.

Upcoming Events

Highlights of 2017 Faith Commuter Challenge

“Climate justice is core to my faith but cycling to church is not just transportation; it’s meditation, the real beginning of my worship,”

- Christine Boyle, United Church Minister, Vancouver Chapter Organizer, and Director of Fossil Free Faith.


In June, over the duration of two weekends, Faith & the Common Good offered faith communities across Canada a challenge: leave the car behind when traveling to worship in favour of a “low carbon” mode...

Blessing the Bikes in Calgary

Submitted by Wendell Koning, Scarboro United Church:

blessing the bikes


Commuter Challenge: How sustainability helps us find spirituality and how spirituality helps us find sustainability

Submitted by Emma Norton, Ecology Action Centre, Halifax:

It can be exhausting to reduce our environmental impact in a society that tells us to consume and has little substantial regard for ecosystems or creatures beside ourselves. Despite the many merits of walking or biking, cars tend to be much more convenient in cities built for single-passenger vehicle transportation.

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Contact Us

Project Coordinator: Lisa Seiler
1-866-231-1877 x105

Vancouver: Salal + Cedar or Christine Boyle

Kootenay: Greg Powell

Calgary: Wendell Koning

Sudbury: reThink Green

Hamilton: Juby Lee
Environment Hamilton

Halifax: Ecology Action Centre

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