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Highlights of 2017 Faith Commuter Challenge

“Climate justice is core to my faith but cycling to church is not just transportation; it’s meditation, the real beginning of my worship,”

- Christine Boyle, United Church Minister, Vancouver Chapter Organizer, and Director of Fossil Free Faith.


In June, over the duration of two weekends, Faith & the Common Good offered faith communities across Canada a challenge: leave the car behind when traveling to worship in favour of a “low carbon” mode...

Commuter Challenge: How sustainability helps us find spirituality and how spirituality helps us find sustainability

Submitted by Emma Norton, Ecology Action Centre, Halifax:

It can be exhausting to reduce our environmental impact in a society that tells us to consume and has little substantial regard for ecosystems or creatures beside ourselves. Despite the many merits of walking or biking, cars tend to be much more convenient in cities built for single-passenger vehicle transportation.

National Faith Commuter Challenge, June 2-11

Faith Commuter Challenge banner

Interfaith ‘get to worship without your car’

Did you know that transportation comprises 40% of an average faith community’s carbon footprint?1 Transportation is the second largest source of Canada’s GHG emissions.2 That’s why traveling green is one of the most important ways we can be stewards of our planet.

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Current Projects in Halifax

Greening Sacred Spaces (GSS) is our longest-running program. A practical program, GSS assists faith communities with both the educational and spiritual dimensions of greening as well as the “how to” side of audits, retrofits and generally reducing a faith community’s footprint. We have developed a number of resources to help faith groups become community leaders in working towards a more sustainable future for all. Click on the links below to find out more about our: videos and webinars, case studies, posters, guides, tip sheets, building audits, energy benchmarking, certification, awards   Visit your local chapter page or contact your local...

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