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GSS Green Rule & Parcel Orders

Greening Sacred Spaces is a program of Faith & the Common Good, a registered Canadian charity and interfaith environmental network.

Resources are designed for use by a variety of faith traditions and include practical actions as well as background information to help your faith community on its greening journey. 

Payment is accepted online through Paypal or credit card (both go through Paypal's secure site - no Paypal account required). Funds from the sale of these resources help sustain our work.

This form is for: 
- International orders 
- Large orders, and/or multiple copies of the Practical Guide to Energy Efficiency.

The Green Rule Poster

The Green Rule is a beautiful full-colour poster depicting a world tree with leaves featuring symbols and sacred texts from many faiths with the underlying message:

"Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you."

Other bulk orders

We love to learn how our resources are being used. We appreciate you taking a moment to let us know more:

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