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Searching for New Board Members

June 30,2020

 We want YOU to join our Board!

Do you have Faith in a cleaner, healthier, more just future?

  • Do you believe that our diverse faith and spiritual communities can be a force for good?
  • Are you passionate and hopeful about protecting our environment for future generations?
  • Are you a self-starter who respects tradition but is unafraid of change?
  • Are you comfortable talking about money?
  • Do you thrive working in multi-cultural, multi-faith, grass-roots environments?
  • Do you have a sense of humour?
  • Do you have some of the interests and experience discussed below?

If you answered a strong “Yes!” to these questions, you may be just the person we are looking for to join our Board of Directors.

Download the PDF for more information.

Who Are We

Faith & the Common Good (Registered charity #82827 6121 RR0001, established in 2000) is a non-sectarian, charitable network dedicated to assist and inspire religious congregations and spiritual groups of all backgrounds to take collective action in creating more resilient, sustainable and just communities. 

We work with local faith-based, environmental, municipal, Indigenous, and community partners across the country to host a wide variety of practical, educational and spiritual programs that encourage: faith building energy efficiency; the re-purposing of surplus places of worship; faith sector support for clean energy and active transportation; interfaith climate justice and clean water alliances; and increased support for our climate vulnerable neighbours.

On average each year, we work with close to 600 faith communities, from very diverse spiritual traditions, to host almost 1,000 sustainability events and activities that directly reach more than 10,000 Canadians. With many Canadians claiming an active faith affiliation, we believe that galvanizing faith groups to be neighbourhood sustainability role models is crucial for a greener, healthier, more resilient Canada.

We are especially looking for:

Persons with Strong Faith-Based and Community Networks

Faith & the Common Good works with religious bodies, interfaith organizations, Indigenous communities, individual congregations, clergy, persons of faith and many who identify as spiritual but not religious. Our network is composed of people of faith, hope, and spirit who,

despite our differences in theology, dress and culture, share a calling to protect our ecosystem and a passion for community service. We are keen to recruit Board members who bring their own strong, faith-based, eco-spiritual or community networks to ensure that our programs and communication channels are responsive to the needs and capacity of diverse religious and cultural communities.

Young People of Faith & Spirit

Faith & the Common Good is looking for young people of faith and conscience who can help us act as catalysts for the future they want to see. We seek people under the age of 40 who are active members of religious communities, or inactive members, or who don’t belong to anything at all. Who consider themselves religious, or spiritual, or agnostic. And who practice these things in all sorts of ways. We seek young people who have faith in a better, cleaner, more just future.

Business Professionals

Faith & the Common Good is always looking for creative ways to diversify our revenue base, including exploring fee for service and social enterprise opportunities that are in line with our mission and core competencies. We are looking for Board members who have experience in business and social enterprise to help create a viable earned-income program portfolio for our organization.

Finance, Fundraising and Investment

Faith & the Common Good’s multi-faith, cross national, multi-sectoral, and multi-cultural audience means that effective, creative funding models and sources, and exceptional financial management are a challenging and crucial part of our success. Are you an experienced and savvy leader attracted by the challenge of helping to grow a national organization? We need you!

Subject Area Expertise – eg. Food Security, Architecture, Legal, Real Estate and Engineering (Structural), Social Enterprise

We want to optimize the use of faith-based resources not only to demonstrate environmental sustainability but to do it in a way that addresses economic and racial inequalities, and that embraces the participation and wisdom of elders in our community, including isolated elders.

Experience Overlay for All Candidates

  • Familiarity or experience working in an inter-faith context. The Board strives to be diverse and broadly inter-faith.
  • Approximate time commitment (4-6 hours per month – some additional hours for Chair and Treasurer)
  • The “DNA” of FCG is very grassroots and progressive, so we’re looking for Board members who appreciate that and also bring an entrepreneurial spirit with established inter-sectoral connections that they are willing to call upon.
  • Non-profit Board experience

 Additional Assets and Attributes:

  • Proven experience working in or closely collaborating with Indigenous communities/Indigenous representation
  • Ability to communicate in both official languages/Indigenous languages, and multiple languages, an asset

If you wish to proceed please email your bio/resume by July 31 to: Janet Speth (Chair Of the Nominations Committee)

[email protected]

Potential Candidates’ resumes will be screened by the Nominations Committee. Successful Candidates will be interviewed in August by two members of the Nominations Committee.

Thank you on behalf of the Nominations Committee

Janet Speth 






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