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Outdoor Greening Fact Sheets Downloads

outdoor_fact_sheets_2017.JPGLet your sacred space be an example of your Care for Creation mission! Learn about sustainable practices for water and energy including xeriscaping, rain gardens, and water-wise strategies in the new Outdoor Greening Fact Sheets. Read about the possibilities of turning a section of your faith community property into an ecological haven for wildlife including pollinators such as insects and birds. Get to know more about the benefits of planting native species of grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees for your new meditation or prayer garden or in your memorial grounds. A special thanks to our funders the Ottawa Community Foundation and the City of Ottawa (CEPGP) for supporting the creation of these local resources!

Download set of 10 fact sheets (2.0 MB)

Download individual fact sheets (0.2-0.3 MB each):

1. Sustainable Lawns, Groundcovers and Alternatives 
2. Landscaping for energy-savings 
3. Stormwater Management 
4. Water Conservation and Drought-tolerant Landscaping 
5. Hedgerows 
6. Choosing and planting Native Trees & Shrubs 
7. Wildlife-friendly Garden 
8. Bird-friendly Garden 
9. Urban Meadows 
10. Special Purpose Gardens: Healing, Meditation, Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth Gardens 

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