Canadian Faith Communities must 'Vote their Values' on Climate Change
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Faith Communities must 'Vote your values' on Climate Change

We are now just days away from making an important decision as Canadians: who will we vote for to see our values reflected in government? For people of faith, those values include a sacred responsibility to love our neighbours and care for Creation.

The climate crisis presents a grave danger to Creation, with the greatest impact felt by vulnerable neighbours who are least able to adapt. Despite our differences in theology, dress, and culture, people of diverse faith and spiritual traditions share a moral understanding that we cannot remain idle when the web of life which sustains us is declining as never before in human history.

That national path begins at the ballot box. Chatelaine and Citizens for Public Justice, among others, have produced climate policy guides to help voters choose action over apathy by making an informed choice on Election Day.Your vote is your opportunity to tell our leaders that we must do more to put our compassion into action.

So on October 21, consider your options carefully with your children and grandchildren in mind. Then head to the polling station to make your voice heard. Our one precious planet needs us to embrace the courage of our faiths and come together to care for and protect our common home.

Read the full blog written by Lucy Cummings, Executive Director of Faith & the Common Good here.

This election is the election of a lifetime.

Check out Facebook Live Event on Friday, October 18th, 1pm to 2pm EST to talk about the important issues this election.

Organized by The Climate Action Network and moderated by Cat Abreau, the event will feature panelists from Generation Squeeze, Future Majority, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)

We're encouraging all Canadians to tune in, and hear fresh, diverse and new perspectives on why this election matters, to get informed on each party's climate change platform, and to ask our panelists questions about the real issues that are keeping YOU up at night - from affordability to healthcare and the climate crisis.

Get inspired to get out and vote and make a difference. Hear what is giving Canadians real hope and #FaithInOurFuture - and motivating them to head to the polls on October 21st, 2019 in an #actoflove, #actoffaith and #actofcommunity.

Together we are stronger.

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