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Nature Popping: Outdoor Greening Case Studies

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In this blog post, we invite you to read about how some Ottawa faith communities are expanding their mission outdoors through various kinds of gardens including xeriscape, labyrinth, pollinator, sacred medicine wheel, and wildflower gardens.

Our 2017 10 case studies were created to support the Faith & the Common Good Outdoor Greening program and the Ottawa Interfaith Sustainable Garden Network program. Within these resources you will find examples of both larger suburban projects along with small urban sites including sidewalks. Some gardens were initiated with very little money, while others sought out grants and other financial support. Find out how your garden team can do the same with a review of our case studies that include lessons learned and keys to success! 

Case studies include:

Kitchissippi United Church Depave Project. This church transformed a grey asphalt courtyard into a green lush entranceway that parishioners and building tenants benefit from and enjoy. Green landscapes can help soak up rainwater and lessen the burden of local storm water and sewer systems while also cooling down microclimates that add to the heat island effect of cities.

The Trinity Presbyterian Pollinator Garden. Located in Kanata, this faith community is home to native plants that provide nectar and pollen to beneficial insects and birds. Native pollinators are an essential component to the ecology of plants, ensuring that flowers are fertilized and food can grow. Supporting a variety of pollinators promotes a strong, biodiverse local ecosystem.

The First Unitarian Meditation Gardens. These gardens have been designed and maintained by the First Unitarian church over the past twenty years for the benefit of all groups on the six-acre campus plus visitors from the entire city. It was designed to be an urban oasis for “relaxation, restoration, observation and meditation.”

St. Luke's Anglican Community Sidewalk Garden. Empty spaces that had once held city shade trees for more than 30 years have been transformed by St. Luke’s Parish through the installation of gardens to grow fresh produce for the local St. Luke’s Table meal program. These gardens are now a valuable community asset.

These Outdoor Greening Case Studies are available both as ONE BOOKLET (see final link in series, "All 10 Outdoor Greening Case Studies") or they can be downloaded INDIVIDUALLY if you only want a few specific case studies. Click here to download resources.

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