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Invest In Us: Great Canadian Giving Challenge

Fundraiser. Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

This is week 2 of CanadaHelps’ month-long Great Canadian Giving Challenge, where we invite our community to invest in us by donating to our campaign, Spirited Climate Action, and help us win $20,000. The more gifts we receive, the more likely we are to win the prize.

With the dollars raised, we will be able to update our many resources and create new ones that engage the bounty and diversity of our network, expand our reach, and increase faith-based climate action in communities across Canada!

Together, let’s reach more people

Our followers love our toolkits, guides, tipsheets and stories! 

In 2021, our most viewed resource was the Green Rule Poster: Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you. Imagine, this poster is over 18 years old, and people still find great value in it. How much more so when we update it with new quotes, added faith traditions and a refreshed look?

Also in 2021, one of our most popular blog posts was staffer, Karen Van Loon’s Learning to live in Harmony with Nature. And with good reason, we are suffering because of our separation from our fundamental need of nature. People are desperately seeking connection with the great mystery, nature.

For Karen, learning to live in harmony with nature starts with the understanding that everything is connected. We are part of nature, not apart from this unfathomable mysterious creation.

How do we reconnect with nature?Karen’s post offers many ways to do so. Within the post itself, you’ll find links to even more resources (ours and external links).

Invest in us, make a gift today!

When you donate, your gift will be used toward updating our resources to enhance inclusivity and reflect diverse languages, as well as for creating new ones via multiple platforms (visual and audio). Together, you will be helping us reach even more faith-group audiences, for even greater spirited climate action.


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