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Huron County: How Huron Shores United Church Opened its doors to Grand Bend

Grand Bend is a small resort community on the shores of Lake Huron, about an hour northwest of London. Its beautiful beaches have attracted tourists and cottagers for decades, and more recently retirees have discovered its charms. A red brick church building with a distinctive six-sided tower has been a part of the town’s main street for almost 100 years.

In the past three years, the church has reinvented itself as a much-needed community hub and concert hall, an integral and valued part of the community.

"As we reflect on our pathway, it's clear that change is always with us. It has become our friend and mentor"

Bob Illman, Chair of Trustees of Huron Shores United Church


Download to read the full Huron case study

Download the graphs from the study to learn more about how community organizations are dependent on faith buildings in Huron.

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