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Holy Cross Parish 2020 Community Garden

Holy Cross Parish 2020 Community Garden

By Bibi Berger, EcoMinistry Group

2020 was a surprising year to all to say the least.

“Lockdowns and social distancing” of the COVID 19 severely put a damper on the plans that the ministry had for the pollinator garden project. We were excited to add more native wildflowers to the garden but were able to add fewer than expected, due to plant shortages. Fortunately, our new and existing plants grew very well and provided quite an attraction. It was a good pollinator year for the bees and the butterflies whose activities were not at all affected by the virus.

During the Civic Long Weekend, some of our Ecoministry members (Lloyd, Bibi and Imma) worked on weeding, and we also brainstormed on how to make the garden look better for next year.

Some ideas were the relocation of the tall native plants, spreading some of the beautiful native plants to make the best spatial and colour arrangement.  

Thank you to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. Scotts Canada, and Faith & the Common Good, for supporting us in this beautiful and successful pollinator garden project.

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