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GSS London's introduction to Green Teams

Join us to learn more about how to start your own Green Team, a group within your place of worship that works together to coordinate greening initiatives.

Come to our next Greening Sacred Spaces London monthly online event where Donna Lang will share lots of tips and ideas for forming a Green Team. Green Teams can be made up of anyone interested in the greening process and may include members of other committees such as social action/community, building/property, worship, education; as well as interested neighbourhood members who aren’t necessarily members of the faith community.

Donna is the Toronto Coordinator for Greening Sacred Spaces in Toronto, and she has helped over 420 faith communities in Toronto do energy efficiency retrofits and energy benchmarking. Donna has also taken on the project lead role for promoting the role of faith communities in helping their neighbourhoods adapt to climate induced extreme weather events. Donna will share with us her expertise on how to establish a Green Team and help show your Team how to engage in environmental initiatives (such as creating pollinator gardens, vegetable gardens, and energy efficient retrofits) at your faith community.

Register at this link on Eventbite!

January 21, 2022 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Greening Sacred Spaces London ·

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