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Furthering Indigenous Allyship: Invest in Spirited Climate Action

Fundraising. Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Indigenous Allyship.

It’s week 3 of CanadaHelps’ month-long, Great Canadian Giving Challenge where we invite our community to invest in us by donating to our campaign, Spirited Climate Action, and help us win $20,000. The more gifts we receive, the more likely we are to win the prize. With the dollars raised, we will be able to update our many resources and create new ones that engage the bounty and diversity of our network, expand our reach, and increase faith-based climate action in communities across Canada.

At FCG, we are committed to Truth and Reconciliation and working alongside Indigenous communities to create positive change and stronger relationships. Since June is also National Indigenous History Month, a time where we celebrate the heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of Indigenous peoples, this blog post invites you to explore some of our current and past projects, events and blogs, pertaining to Indigenous allyship and the opportunities we offer our network to do their part in furthering Indigenous allyship. We would love your support to help us do more of this kind of work! 

Education for Reconciliation

FCG is committed to participating in the TRCA Calls to Action Education for Reconciliation. This year, as part of our reconciliACTION, we have been hosting a bi-weekly discussion group for Indigenous Canada, an online course that is offered by the University of Alberta. We wrap up next month, and we hope to offer this program again. Read more about it here.


With our Waterloo chapter, Divest Waterloo, we recently wrapped up the Faith Food Forest Project, that involved multiple partners including Grand River Food Forestry, Crow Shield Lodge, and diverse local faith communities in planting community-serving edible food forests.Read on here.

The Chemical Valley Project was another partnership with Divest Waterloo involving an innovative documentary-theatre performance telling the story of a small Indigenous community smothered by Canada’s petrochemical industry in our own backyard.


An Indigenous organization advocates for restoration and cultural healing

Indigenous Allyship is about relationships

Sacredness of Water


Indigenous and Impact Investing

Faith Food Forest Project Launch

Trying to Get it Right: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Environmental Allyship

Climate Justice and Indigenous Allyship Forum


Eco-Investment Accelerator Toolkit

Youth voices outreach manual

A framework for Reconciliation


Maamawi Revisted: An Evening of Music and Storytelling

Great Lakes Water Walk

Water & Spirit: Allyship in Action on the Grand River

Upcoming Event 

June 21st. Our London chapter, GSS London is hosting a drumming circle to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples/ Indigenous Solidarity Day and the Summer Solstice. RSVP here. 

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