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Forming a Green Team

Greening Sacred Spaces

What is a Green Team?

laidlaw-volunteershamiltongss2014-300x225.jpgA Green Team is a group of individuals within a place of worship that work together to coordinate greening/environmental efforts. It may be a sub-committee of another group or it may stand alone within the faith community.

Green Teams can be made up of anyone interested in the greening process and may include members of other committees such as social action/community, building/property, worship, education, etc.

It is important to establish a Green Team Leader to help coordinate the team efforts and liaise with Greening Sacred Spaces staff.


Getting Started

Developing a group of members in your faith community to promote eco-sustainability

Sikh2-300x225.jpgWe are strong believers in the power of small groups to change the world.

Your efforts to live more sustainably, combined with others, send a powerful message to your faith community, neighbourhood, and beyond.

It sends a message that you are increasingly living in a sacred balance with creation — a spiritually rewarding journey that opens us to the beauty, wonder, and responsibility of harmonious living with the Earth.


We have a Green Team — How do we register it with Greening Sacred Spaces?

Once you've established a Green Team or are in the beginning stages, sign your faith community up for the Greening Sacred Spaces online network. Once registered, you will be able to create a profile for your faith community Green Team and access additional tools and resources.


A Guide to Developing a ‘Green Team’ in Your Faith Community

Green Team Guide

Involve, organize, and motivate members of your faith community to take action towards eco-sustainability. This 14-page guidebook provides practical suggestions and steps for changes you could put in place to make your faith community a greener place. We know that talking about things is not the same as actually doing them; this guide will help you get things done by examining the processes and priorities to realize your green vision.

Overview of Contents

  • The power of one
  • Joining with others
  • Developing a Green Team: Who should join, involving youth, and motivating people
  • What does a Green Team do: Education, Advocacy, Facilitating Action, and Networking

 Download PDF (598 kB)

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