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Caring Sustainably for Saskatchewan Webinar Series

Caring Sustainably for Saskatchewan

“Wherever you are, whatever you do, you can act daily for the climate.”

Saskatchewan Environmental Groups Collaborate on Webinar Series.

“The webinar format allows us to invite speakers from outside Saskatoon, such as speakers from Saskatchewan's Ministry of Environment and PACE Canada,” says Carroll Chubb, CIEA Committee Member, and main organizer. “PACE financing is a way to finance building alterations to buildings that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Warm sunshine dazzles the earth around me warming both my body and my soul as I look up into a bright blue open sky.  Overhead a flock of geese so heavy that a shadow is cast over the yard and upon closing my eyes I hear the powerful thrust of flapping wings.  In the distance, a coyote yelps as cattle join into the chorus while songbirds sing a delightful accompaniment.  Snow is melting, buds are forming, water is flowing the aroma of fresh earth fills the air and tonight the skies will be filled with a tapestry of endless stars, this is springtime in Saskatchewan and what a magnificent concert it is to take in. It is so easy to fall in love with creation yet true love always desires responsibility.

As I watch my children play amidst the glory of this creation I can’t help but think of the privilege that I live in and the responsibility that accompanies it.  During his Earth Day address, Pope Francis named the Earth our “garden-home”, which entails that every beautiful part of creation gives life in a unique and irreplaceable fashion.  Human beings share in this responsibility with all of creation of bringing forth life, nurturing it and protecting it.  Selfishness, greed and the pursuit of short-term economic gains have too often taken priority over life and as a result life itself in many species has been destroyed.  When we neglect our responsibility in caring for creation we neglect one another and vice-versa.  Change requires both personal as well as collective action that leads to ecological conversion in society and the hopeful restoration of creation.  Responding to this very real crisis by developing a spirit of resilience along with a classic prairie can do collective attitude is part of the motivation behind the Caring Sustainably for Saskatchewan Webinar Series.

Wherever you are and whatever you do there are actions that you can take on a daily basis backed by informed decisions to respond to climate change.  The title “Response to Climate Change: Present Practices and Opportunities” an eleven-part series, lends itself well to this reality.  Practical ways on how to evoke positive change in your own home, farm operation, business, modes of transportation, your faith community, wider community are just a few of the highlights that participants will take in.  Building constructive conversations across polarized relationships is an indispensable step in restoring creation.  One particular session with Hayley Carlson and Justin Fisher will highlight bridging the gap between environmental groups and coal producing communities.   In total those who register for these free one hour zoom sessions beginning at 12 pm and running on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 12th to June 16th will benefit from 20 high quality presentations.  Each session is followed by a half hour Q & A. 

The event is organised by Communities Inspired by Environmental Action which is a local chapter of Faith & the Common Good: https://www.faithcommongood.org/.  Further information on sessions, speakers and registration can be accessed at: http://environmentalsociety.ca/events/2020-webinar-series/ 

The series covers topics such as electricity generation, building retrofitting, electric vehicles, alternative fuels, urban planning, and farming. Webinar highlights include ‘Indigenous-led Renewable Energy Future in Saskatchewan,’ with speaker, Jenna Gall from First Nations Power Authority and of particular interest to faith groups, ‘The Role of Faith Communities in Climate Change,’ a panel discussion with guest speakers, Margret Asmuss from Climate Reality and Michelle Singh, Executive Director, Faith & the Common Good.

Response to Climate Change: Present Practices and Opportunities webinar series will be offered at noon, 12 pm CST (2 pm EDT, 11 am PDT, 3 pm ADT) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from May 12 to June 11, 2020. 

The webinars will be in a Zoom meeting format.  Zoom participants must register in advance at

Check out Past Webinars here:

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