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"Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you."

Our religions and spiritual philosophies teach us to care for the earth.

Join us in living out this Green Rule by greening our communities, helping our neighbours and healing our planet together.


The Energy Benchmarking Program (EBP) is a free program that helps faith communities to take practical and cost-effective climate action by raising awareness and understanding their buildings' energy use and emissions. The EBP uses the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, an energy management tool, to display energy costs & usage. It shows a baseline energy use and identify areas for improvement over a 3 year period. Every year, participants receive an annual report detailing their energy consumption and changes over time. These case studies tell the stories of 10 participants on Ottawa from 2019-2022 with GSS Ottawa. Click here to read more!...
  • Invest in Spirited Climate Action: Greening Sacred Spaces

    Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Fundraiser. Greening Sacred Spaces. Resource Updates.

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    National Indigenous Peoples Day and National Indigenous History Month

    June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day, and the month of June is National Indigenous History Month. Faith & the Common Good is proud to celebrate the heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. We remain committed to Truth and Reconciliation and working alongside Indigenous communities to create positive change and stronger relationships.

    Activities for National Indigenous Peoples Day are organized across Canada every year. For more information about the day’s activities, you can visit: National Indigenous Peoples Day - Canada.ca

    During the rest of the month, we invite you to take time to recognize the rich history, heritage, resilience, and diversity of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples across Canada.

    As part of this effort to uplift Indigenous-led innovators, we have spotlighted some resources that celebrate Indigenous communities. We encourage everyone to keep the learning and the conversations going all year long.


    Learning Resources 

    Below are just a few resources to explore:


    As we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day and National Indigenous History Month, we will also uphold our commitment to Reconciliation, today, this month, and through the years to come. 

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    Furthering Indigenous Allyship: Invest in Spirited Climate Action

    Fundraising. Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Indigenous Allyship.

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    Invest In Us: Great Canadian Giving Challenge

    Fundraiser. Great Canadian Giving Challenge.

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