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Practical Guide to Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Religious Building

Practical Guide to Energy Efficiency

This easy-to-use 74-page guide is intended for property managers, green team members, and other decision-makers in faith communities who wish get to know how their buildings work and reduce the amount of energy they use in their buildings. It covers how to ‘tune-up’ your building through regular maintenance actions, details a wide range of retrofits that can help you save energy and money without sacrificing your comfort. It offers insights to lighting, heating and cooling systems, and concludes with a 20-page DIY energy audit.

Order the Practical Guide to Energy Efficiency ($15 each)

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A Guide to Developing a ‘Green Team’ in Your Faith Community

Green Team Guide

Involve, organize, and motivate members of your faith community to take action towards eco-sustainability. This 14-page guidebook provides practical suggestions and steps for changes you could put in place to make your faith community a greener place. We know that talking about things is not the same as actually doing them; this guide will help you get things done by examining the processes and priorities to realize your green vision. It supports personal initiative as well as discussing the art of joining with others to create a ‘Green Team’.

Order hard copies of the Green Team Guide ($5 each)

Download PDF (579KB)

Greening in Faith Communities: Ten Community Profiles

Greening Faith Communities

Our original “Greening in Faith Communities: Ten Community Profiles” (2008) lists case studies from 10 diverse faith communities from across Ontario, focusing on community actions and building improvements.

Download PDF (851KB)

Retrofit and MicroFIT Action in Faith Communities

Retrofit Microfit Case Studies

Our Go Green Case Studies (2013) feature the retrofit and MicroFIT actions of four faith communities, including community action, memorable moments, keys to success, and lessons learned.

Download PDF (791KB)

Extreme Weather Resilience Case Studies

Solar Case Studies

The Neighbourhood Extreme Weather Resilience pilot project explored how Toronto’s diverse faith communities could be better utilized as local service centers to help vulnerable populations during extreme weather emergencies. These case studies give a sense of the potential of this work by providing a snapshot of the action plans and community partner engagement at each of the project’s faith pilot sites.

Download PDF (3.96MB)

Solar Case Studies: Follow-ups

Solar Case Studies

We went back and revisited 4 of our solar case study partners to see how they were doing 4 years later. Read more about the progress of solar projects at: Neighbourhood Unitarian (NUCC), Toronto; Islington United Church, Etobicoke; Hillcrest Mennonite Church, New Hamburg; and Laidlaw United Church, Hamilton.

Download PDF (4.5MB)

Solar Case Studies

Solar Case Studies

Solar case studies were part of our original Solar Faith Initiative project to assist and encourage faith communities in successfully navigating the MicroFIT program.

Download PDF (2.5MB)

Mission Per Square Foot

MPSF Case Studies

In 2015, we launched a new program called Mission Per Square Foot (MPSF) designed to help any congregation fully harness their building in a way that meets its mission, acknowledges its capacity, protects the environment and serves the larger community. These case studies (from the Ottawa area explore how diverse faith communities are fully and sustainably utilizing their buildings, guided by a clear mission and in service to the larger community. The MPSF program was relabelled Regeneration Works: Places of Faith in 2017.

Download PDF (1.18MB)

Green Rule Study Guide

The Green Rule Study Guide

The Green Rule Study Guide offers suggestions for how you can use the poster as an imaginative and practical tool to teach youth and adult members of your faith community and school system about the sacredness of creation in their own faith, while taking into consideration the similar beliefs of other faith traditions.

Order the Green Rule Study Guide ($8 each)

For bulk sales and international orders, email resources@faithcommongood.org to ask for a quote *before* placing order.

The Green Rule Poster

The Green Rule

Faith & the Common Good derived the Green Rule poster from the classic Golden Rule found in major faith traditions.

“Do unto the Earth as you would have it do unto you.”

Each Green Rule was chosen from the great texts of the world’s major religions and spiritual philosophies. The texts all acknowledge the natural world as an essential phenomenon through which we may better come to know the divine and our oneness with it.

Order the Green Rule Poster ($15 folded; $20 rolled ON/QC; $25 Canada)

For bulk sales and international orders, email resources@faithcommongood.org to ask for a quote *before* placing order.

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